Andritz Group
- Component machining
- Steel construction manufacturing

- Manufacture and installation of a core drying plant for Britain
- Manufacure of a core drying plant for Russia
- Installation of Joutseno Pulp's recovery boiler plant fire extinguishing pipes, heating pipes and fire hydrants
- Pipe installation work for Perlos Oy's Joensuu plant extension
- Manufacture of air conditioning ducts

Aikawa Fiber Technologies (AFT) Oy
- Manufacture of acid-proof screening drums, plus related component manufacturing and plating jobs

CT - Laasti Oy
- Modernisation of a sand dryer furnace
- Manufacture and installation of conveyors
- Manufacture of frames for a concrete mixing plant building

Energometall Inc.
- Boring and machining of heat exchanger plates

Finnpneumatic Oy Ltd
- Manufacture and installation of a chip transfer system

Foster Wheeler / Warkaus Works Oy
- Manufacture of roller conveyors and elevators
- Manufacture of a panel bending machine
- Manufacture of assembly frames, installation frames and transportation frames

Jormet Oy
- Component machining

Kemira Chemicals Oy, Siilinjärvi
- Manufacture of a filter hood, Ø 18 m
- Manufacture of conveyors
- Manufacture of tanks
- Manufacture of machining jobs
- Maintenance jobs

Kvaerner Masa-Yards, Helsinki New Shipyard
- Steel equipment installation work on shipyard premises
- Marine pipework installation and welding jobs

Metso Paper Inc.
- Pulper and screen installation jobs in Finland, Sweden and Russia

- Manufacture of steel structures for conveyors

Sahala Industrial Services Oy
- Installation of paper machine hoods in Spain

Stora Enso Corenso Oy Ltd, Varkaus
- Implementation of a recycled fibre plant project's steel constructions and plating jobs
- Maintenance jobs
- Manufacture and installation of a heat recovery system

Stora Enso Fine Papers Oy, Varkaus
- Acid-proof tanks
- Pulp mill maintenance jobs, manufacture of steel structures and tanks
- Steel frame manufacturing and installation for an evaporation plant
- Manufacture and installation of roof elements
- Emergency rotation equipment for a lime kiln
- Manufacture and installation of an infra-red dryer
- Steel frame structures with installation
- Component machining

Stora Enso Publication Papers Oy Ltd, Varkaus
- Manufacture of filter hoods
- Control room steel structures with installation and surface treatment
- Manufacture of chip tubes
- Modification work included in a calender project, installation of upper roll bed and hoisting beams
- Manufacture and installation of calender subsystem
- Pipe line disassembly and modification jobs

Stora Enso Timber Oy Ltd, Varkaus
- Steel structure manufacturing, installation and surface treatment work

Tekmanni Oy
- Sprinkler pipework manufacturing and installation jobs

- Locking equipment for windmill rotors

YIT-Yhtymä Oy
- Overhaul of a waste water purification system, compressor peripheral equipment and a belt conveyor for Russia